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4 Day Work Week

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Ok, let’s do it. Now is our chance. Bring on the 4 Day Work Week.

Let’s do that math...cutting out 1 day a week will be like losing 52 days of productivity every year. 3 Months ago that would have seemed like a lot to ask for. After shutting down for the last 90 days STRAIGHT, we’ve taken our licks. That’s the equivalent of almost 2 years worth of so-called “Lost Labor” that would result from implementing a 4 day work week. If we can still manage to operate from home, deal with business shutdowns, and school closures we can certainly withstand a new economy that tacks on a day to the Weekend.

If you’re not completely on board with this concept, what if I sweetened the pot a little? What if I said that this move wouldn’t just be good for our psyche but it would also be good for a practice that might not return after we all go back to our miserable job-filled lives? Adding an extra day to the weekend would also be good for Consumer Spending.

Time is Money

Think of it this way. If you knew you always had a 3-day weekend, wouldn’t you take more vacations? Head up North a few more weekends than you were used to? Host a few more backyard BBQ’s? Go out with friends a little more? Maybe even tackle a few new home improvement projects you’ve been putting off? If you’re like most people then the answer is probably yes. If we want to ramp up consumer spending, then creating more time for the weekend is a perfect way to do so. I can’t say exactly what industries will gain the most from this but as long as the job market can stay somewhat steady and there is confidence in the future I think we can expect good things from implementing such actions.

Which brings me to my next question...If you’re making a day an honorary Weekend Day alongside Saturday and Sunday, which day is it? You got 5 to choose from. Friday seems like the obvious answer, right? Wrong. Let's just start the party early and get it going they would say. But I like Friday already as it is during the week. Fridays are fun! That’s when you have parties, cut out early, or blow things off until next week. We can still have our love affair with Friday and get the 4 day work week we all desperately want.

"Adding an extra day to the weekend would also be good for Consumer Spending.'"

Fuck Mondays

The answer is Monday. Get the fuck out of here Monday. We never liked you to begin with. We don’t look forward to you, we don’t enjoy you, and almost nothing good ever happens at the beginning of the week. So let’s make the weekend one day longer every week and let Monday be the new hero we all deserve.

Something good has to come out of this Pandemic. It hasn’t brought our country together, it hasn’t united us. Apart from a few stimulus dollars this shutdown has sucked major balls. But if we can get an extra day at home to relax or do something productive outside the office then I would chalk up the COVID Pandemic of 2020 as a win. I guess as a business owner, I have the ability to be a trailblazer here. Can I make my print shop work on a 4-day work week? We’ll probably soon find out. But right now, we have about 90 days of catching up to do and there aren’t enough Mondays in the year to get that done.

Stay with for more information as we navigate through the ever changing economic landscape.

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