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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Like most, I think I have a love/hate relationship with social media platforms. Sure, they can be great for sharing key moments in our lives, promoting our businesses, or stumbling across the next viral Meme that allows you to share a laugh with friends. All of these seem like pretty positive aspects to the platform. But like anything else, you have to take the bad that comes along with all of the good. And for Facebook, that “bad” that you have to take is really overwhelming to your psyche.

what if there was a way to spew your thoughts, receive 'likes' 'shares' and 'comments', and gain followers without the impact of negativity of society?

Is This Good for Society?

It comes in the form of Fake News, Conspiracy Theories, Argumentative Strangers, and Nasty Outbursts that wouldn’t be tolerated by anyone at anytime in Society...Ever. Sitting behind our computers spewing whatever comes across our mind with no respect for others (or grammar for that matter). The consequences are almost nonexistent for those who don’t possess any stature in their careers or any other part of life which makes it that much harder to get anyone to stop and take a hard look in the mirror to see the toll this has on society.

At the end of the day, the individual posting feels good because their voice was heard (whether people are listening or not). They got that Monkey Off Their Back. The problem though, the rest of us have to see and these idiotic posts remain in the ether, allowing people to take sides and reinforce their points of view. Which made me think...what if there was a way to spew your thoughts, receive “likes” “shares” and “comments”, and gain followers without the impact of negativity of society? Introducing: FakeBook

Protecting Society from Your Thoughts

FakeBook would work just like any other social media platform except you exist alone in your small petty world. Your account and posts are never visible to the outside world to keep the general public safe from your Point of View. In order to stroke your ego though, bots and automated profiles would become your friends, liking every Political Post you make, sharing every Conspiracy Theory you rattle off, and join every Group you choose to create. On FakeBook, anyone can be an influencer to a sea of admiring followers. The only difference is that these “friends” don’t exist beyond the 1’s and 0’s of the Platform itself.

At the end of the day, don’t we all just want to be heard? To feel as though our thoughts and ideas are embraced by others in times when it seems like we’re in this Struggle of Life alone? Whether it’s real or not, the end result will still have a positive impact on the individual and make them feel less isolated than they may actually be. We all essentially live in our own bubble, not empathizing with anyone who we can’t directly relate to. For most, the only mission we have is to just get a glimpse of gratification on a daily basis.

"On FakeBook, anyone can be an influencer to a sea of admiring followers."

My Own Personal FakeBook

When I release a Podcast or share a Blog Post, it feels a lot better when they are embraced or shared compared to ones that fall flat. Not everyone will agree with every point of view but that’s not the point of doing it. Trying to argue those points on Facebook is a fool’s errand which is why I prefer a productive outlet such as a blog or podcast. At the same time, I see the similarities between the two.

Those on Social Media take pride in a post that gets a reaction. Maybe StruggleState.com is my own personal FakeBook. An empty vessel of ideas and concepts that are really only relevant to my own personal place here on Earth. If a man records a podcast but no one is listening, does he make a noise? Oh well, it’s real enough for me.

Stay with StruggleState.com for more information as we navigate through the ever changing economic landscape.

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