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If This Doesn’t Do It, Nothing Will...

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

The Great Pandemic of 2020 will be remembered in one of two ways. It will either become the straw that broke the camel’s back, wiping out one of the strongest economic rallies we’ve seen over the last 12 years or it will be an afterthought, proving to be just a blip on the radar of a market that can be rescued anytime (without limit) through actions by the Federal Reserve and our Government. While it's too early to know which of these results will be the clear front runner for how our society marches forward, either option produces a grim reality for how our American way of Life actually functions.

Our Roll in the New Economy

The stock market and investor confidence doesn’t seem to have waned in light of the news that unemployment rates remain at numbers not seen since the Great Depression and speculation that 40% of those jobs will not be returning once we go back to “normal”. This makes you wonder...why? Is the consumer not as valuable to our economy as we once thought? Or are they overly confident that the programs put in place by the Government for stimulus funding going to weather us through the storm?

With only a couple months left until the increased benefits from unemployment and deferred mortgage payments end we are about to find out the answer to these questions. The next 3 months will be more monumental than what we were experiencing during the stay at home orders because now the crutches have been kicked out from underneath us. We’re all back to where we were before the’re back to being on your own.

"40% of those jobs will not be returning once we go back to 'normal'"

If it's determined that this was just a small hiccup in an economy that can’t be stopped and we go back to seeing strong performances by businesses of all sizes and industries then there is something else to consider. If this doesn’t break our stride then you gotta think to yourself, will anything? I can’t see this being the case but there is an argument to be made. And if that assessment proves to be true then you’re dealing with a society that won’t shatter without a cataclysmic event beyond anything we can comprehend.

So how will you position yourself over the next few months? Knowing that this is the make or break time you’ll have to pivot regardless. Because this will either be an economy heading down the path of destruction or one that simply refuses to produce a loser. Either way, opportunities will exist around every corner. Don’t miss yours.

Stay with for more information as we navigate through the ever changing economic landscape.

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