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Not Left or Right, But Forward

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Here at, you’ll start to notice that we don’t toe party lines. This isn’t about Red or Blue, Conservative or Liberal, and certainly not the Left or the Right. Even though we cover politics and the effects it has on the individual as well as our economic state, we frankly don’t give a shit about your party affiliation. And if that’s how you choose to spend your efforts, fighting ideology that doesn’t stand a chance of ever changing an individual’s personal doctrine, then your battle is one of self righteousness and confirmation bias which leads on down only one path. And that’s a path without any real destination.

The concept of Left or Right implies that we only have one choice. You can go one way or another but you can’t have any middle ground. We like to think that we do, but when it comes to taking direction and you’re given the choice of turning Left or Right do you ever just say I think I’ll take the middle? Not very likely.

Stay on the Forward Path

But there is one option that allows you to avoid turning one way or another. To avoid the metaphorical fork in the road, per say. And that is simply to stay on the forward path. The more detours and missteps we make along our own path for success the longer it takes us to achieve any real social mobility.

While most people will agree that they don’t identify with one party or another (a recent Gallop Poll implies that 25% Identify as Republican, 31% as Democrat, and 40% as Independent) it continues to be the issues focused on by each of the major parties that squashes any real progress. Somehow, we get wrapped up in this debate on topics that don’t really affect anything other than our peace of mind. In the meantime, those serving us from a political standpoint prey on our insecurities when it comes to topics like Gun Control, Abortion, Immigration, and Defense while ignoring the corruption and back door deals that keep the few in power and the wealth at the top. They play the game just like you do but they don’t let emotion get in the way.

"The more detours and missteps we make along our own path for success the longer it takes us to achieve any real social mobility."

It’s true that more Republican’s claim to be satisfied with their income level than Democrats (61% vs 49%) but considering that the swing from Democrat to Republican starts to migrate over at earrings of roughly $50,000 per year, I think it’s clear we should all be striving for more. If you’re satisfied with that, then maybe StruggleState is not for you. But if we continue to act the way we do and vote with our heart and not our brains then our road will continue to be an array of twists and turns instead of the fastest method to reach our destination. A forward path.

Stay with for more information as we navigate through the ever changing economic landscape.

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