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WARNING: Beware False Profits

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Make no mistake, there will be those who try to profit in some way shape or form off of an Economic Downturn. Shit, there are people who fight tooth and nail to do so when times are good. The good times are not where my concern lies though. In good times we can afford to be a little optimistic about those who present the average joe with an opportunity of a lifetime. You know, those life changing business models, affiliate marketing opportunities, or those trying to convince you that you can drop ship your way to millions just like they did. When things are tight though and these presentations aren’t simply a path to financial freedom but instead our last resort, that’s when you have to Beware of False Profits.

Promises Don't Equal Results

They are everywhere. Hiding behind large crowds of Instagram Followers, Amazon Reviews, and YouTube Comments. The Real Fake News is that these “Influencers” produce any actual results. But that won’t stop them from trying to prop up their own alleged accomplishments on the backs of your hard earned money. When you have very little to spare and the road ahead seems like it's too rough to navigate on your own, the concept of financial freedom is so attractive that anyone claiming to have the answer seems like the Prophet you’ve been searching for. They know it and they need your lack of confidence in your own abilities to sell the dream. Unfortunately, the only dream they are worried about is their own and it couldn’t be done without you signing up as the Financier.

Instead of you facilitating their dreams, make it happen on your own. They aren’t providing any information you can’t find by utilizing a solid Google search or buying a book on digital marketing for $8.99. They make it look easy because that’s the only way to get you to buy in. In fact what they offer is just a small part of the puzzle. Without combining those steps with repetition, consistency, quality and the ability to navigate through the ups and downs presented by a sea of people trying to do the exact same thing as you, your chances of success drop exponentially.

"They make it look easy because that’s the only way to get you to buy in.'"

Control Your Own Destiny

Ultimately, the power lies in your hands. There is something to be said about forging your own path. In the new economy, it will almost be a must to follow the path of entrepreneurship if you stand any chance of social mobility and financial independence. Relying on employers, odd jobs, and quick cash has proven to be a failing practice for the majority. You can follow False Profits or you can create your own.

But it’s not easy. That’s why these peddlers of financial freedom can exist. They feed off your laziness and lack of self confidence. Knowing that you have every excuse to give up before the gains are realized, you can always have yourself to blame. The False Profit’s logic will tell you that it would have worked if you just stuck with it. Don’t listen to the haters who didn’t make their program or methods work, they just exist to bring you and your dreams down. All of this manipulation just allows them to gain new followers who will ultimately fail as well.

You've Been Warned

I can’t stop you from listening to the next guru, marketing expert, or influencer. During these uncertain times they will be just as desperate as you to add new followers to their flock. I would just warn you. Bet on yourself...because you will either be a success or a failure whether you buy into their system or not. And with such a high cost of entry, Beware of False Profits.

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Stay with for more information as we navigate through the ever changing economic landscape.

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