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The Struggle is Real and so is the Path Forward.

As Americans, we live in the greatest country in the world. Even though opportunity is abundant, we find ourselves living in a constant State of Struggle. Try as we might to stay ahead of the curve, get a jump on the competition, or move against the grain, our efforts appear to simply keep us in a state of panic. This is no more apparent than how it applies to the American way of life and how we handle our finances. In a word it can best be described as a grade of poor (pun absolutely intended). Our mission is to highlight the inequity and point to the practices of forces that keep us buried under our own best efforts to rise above the Struggle State that our country currently exists in.

We don’t see Red or Blue, we’re just concerned about the Green!

So how can this be done you ask? Before we continue this venture there is one key that will be the pinnacle of our efforts. We have to put Politics aside. Left and Right cannot be a focus for the approach of the Struggle State. This will be difficult for a couple of reasons. First off, we will have no choice but to discuss Politics on this site. It’s a major component as to why we believe our citizens find ourselves clawing to get ahead in life without making any real progress (in comparison to past family generations). Politics will be in the headlines and we’ll pick apart the failures and manipulation from both sides of the aisle. We don’t see Red or Blue, we’re just concerned about the Green!

Secondly, we realize that people protect their political beliefs like their finances, probably even more so, and that’s part of the problem. Ideology trumps personal growth and financial well being. And guess what? Your politicians know this, spending their campaigning efforts and rhetoric focused on manipulating you into focusing on the wrong thing. This allows them to stay in office getting rich while nothing changes in your life. They’ve sold out the American Dream but the promise continues to be made that it exists in full force. But not so fast…

The American Dream?

The American Dream has transformed into a perpetual Struggle State over the course of the last 20 years. Since the market crash of 2008 we have been well aware of wide spread corporate corruption, inflated CEO compensation, dirty dealings, and the ensuing Government bailouts for companies that preach Capitalism yet are the first to take financial assistance the moment it becomes available. We can’t fix this system. It’s too far gone. Through no fault of our own it has spawned a new way of existence that we can never climb out of. Unless, of course, we take control of the individual’s role in the system. Because like it or not, they need us in order to continue their domination. As we drift further from being a part of what breaks them down and continue to become intertwined as simply a part of the corporate process, its time to look in the mirror and take accountability for the situation we find ourselves in. That’s where the Struggle State comes into play.

By highlighting headlines that relate to the constant struggle we find ourselves in on a day to day basis, we will try our best to sort through the bullshit in order to pinpoint the ideas and practices we as individuals are responsible for implementing while ignoring the ultimate demise it creates as the outcome. Yes, personal responsibility. What a concept…

Along the way we’ll provide our own insight for best methods for getting ahead in life beyond what the average person practices. These are simple habits anyone can implement and will never be presented as get rich quick schemes or guarantees of beating the market, growing your social media, or creating the next great American Start Up. Beware of False Profits but don’t blame others for putting you in the position you find yourself in, regardless of what it might be. There is a path forward and it begins with the Struggle State.

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